As part of celebrating the month of May as Aging Life Care Month, we would like to help educate our visitors on what it is that Aging Life Care Professionals, also known as Geriatric Care Managers, do to help aging persons and their involved family members to plan for care and solve aging challenges.

When a dear friend asked me to work with her to help clients as a care manager in 2005, I loved it! We started with the first client and began adding more clients. The opportunity to change our clients’ lives for the better was something I knew I wanted to do as a career.

Eventually I started Palm Beach Care Management in 2014 and have built a practice guided by servant leadership. This continues to be fulfilling work as we help clients, and their families, navigate complex care challenges. Each family faces unique challenges, and the fulfillment comes from helping them find options and solutions that meet their specific needs.

Improving the quality of life for my clients is the highest priority when I first meet them. I strive to enable them to age comfortably in their own homes by bringing the necessary support and organization to them. It is also crucial to preserve their interests, hobbies, and social activities. The standard of living that they are accustomed to is evaluated so that it is maintained. Additionally, our services ensure that our clients’ spiritual needs are met, regardless of their beliefs. We make it possible for them to attend services or participate in activities that align with their preferences.

There are challenges in care for every client we meet. Often family members are in denial about the symptoms being exhibited by their loved ones. One time we were referred to work with a client whose husband was in denial that she needed help. Her sisters were able to convince him that she needed help and we worked on her behalf. We assisted in a move they made from South Florida to Mid Florida and the husband continued to be in denial. We helped her get the services needed for care and she did eventually need to go to assisted living and memory care but was then able to return home with 24/7 caregivers in the home. The husband’s health also deteriorated, and he ended up in a nursing home. Regardless of the type of family conflict that may arise, we are always able to work with everyone involved to make sure that the best quality care is being provided to the client.

Even with the regular challenges we help navigate there are also moments of humor. I had a 96-year-old Italian client who was declining. At a visit I asked him, “How is the Italian Stallion doing today?” and he promptly replied, “I’m a tired pony!” He was a wonderfully sweet man with such humility.

Through the ups and downs of our clients’ lives we are there with them every step of the way. We want to help them age in place and to have lives better than when they first met us. Even with declining health and mental statuses it is still possible to live a fulfilling and happy life. We make that our primary focus for each of our clients.

If we can help you create the best life for your future needs or someone you love who is aging, please reach out to me directly at (561) 291-3699 or