Seniors have many barriers to healthy eating. Meet Judy, a prime example of resilience in the face of challenges. She battles with numerous health obstacles – from vision problems to diabetes, heart disease, and high cholesterol. Despite her struggles, she’s determined not to let her out-of-state son worry too much about her.

Resourceful and innovative, Judy gets support from the Senior Center and Meals on Wheels, while her proactive son ensures groceries are delivered to her via Instacart. Nonetheless, she finds it exhausting to manage the groceries and cook healthy meals that cater to her health conditions. Often, she resorts to grabbing whatever is within reach, unknowingly putting her health at risk. Checking with her contact at the senior center she was told about care managers in the area who are available to help with care plans. When her son called, she told him her concerns about her diet and admitted she didn’t have the energy to prepare much for herself. She also told him she found a local care manager who could possibly help her out. He was even more pleased that she had reached out. She asked him if he would come out and help her vet a care manager to hire, which he told her would not be a problem.

When Judy’s son touched down, we had a meeting already scheduled with them. As we sat and combined our insights, we shared our experience and credentials, ranging from our certifications to a rich history serving the needs of the aging population in our community. Judy asked us to work with her to help manage care and her main concern was to avoid being a burden to her son. He reassured her but she was determined to keep his stress to a minimum. Together, we mapped out a care plan, weaving weekly check-ins and joint meal planning, ensuring diabetic-friendly, wholesome meals for Judy.
Additionally, we would review Judy’s physical constraints and discuss viable solutions to keep her moving. There were so many positives that Judy was elated. She was surprised at how fast the care manager could share solutions and would be able to implement those solutions. This was a relief to her son as the care manager also promised to keep him in the loop and let him know when and where he could help.

Judy found her spirits lifting as she had a plan. With a touch of wisdom and a dash of foresight, she knew that developing a strong bond with her care manager would be essential for her journey ahead. After all, her aim was to ease any burden on her beloved son.

Her son was relieved, knowing a reliable and trustworthy professional would be helping his mother. He could rest easy that her care needs could be met even if he was at a difference.